Learn About Intercultural Living and Service

During the Fall 2009 semester at the University of Notre Dame, twelve students came together in an anthropology course on Cultural Difference and Social Change to share stories about their experiences studying and serving abroad, and to integrate and build on those experiences through reading, research, and discussion in their commitment to move forward as global citizens. 

As part of that larger effort, each student designed and built a website devoted to sharing stories, photos, links, and other features of their international experience.  Each website also represents each student's perspective on the privileges and challenges of doing intercultural work, and about the strategies of cooperation and service between Western and non-Western peoples that can improve qualities of life for all involved. 

Explore these websites to learn more about the practical, on-the-ground aspects of living and working abroad as a student, and about the larger structural factors that condition the lives of those who share their food, shelter, culture, and hopes with those who choose to become intercultural sojourners.